Mar 27, 2009


Idiyappam ( String hoppers )

Serves : 3
Makes : 12
Time required : 20 minutes plus steaming ti


1 cup fried raw rice flour
1 ¾ cup water
½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ghee
1/2 teaspoon oil for greasing the idiyappam mould


1, Lightly grease the idiyappam mould and keep aside.

2, Heat water in a medium bowl. Add salt and ghee. Cover with a lid . When water is almost boiled , switch off the gas and ad
d fried raw rice powder and mix it well with a steel ladle.

3, Put in one portion of the rice dough in idiyappam mould.

4, Press out the dough to form small circular rounds ( resembling thin noodles ) onto each of the idiyappam stands (or an i
dli stand is a good substitute for the idiyappam stand ).

5, Pressure cooker, without weight , can be used for steaming (or you can use National rice cooker ). Steam for about 10 minutes till the idiyappam is cooked. Serve with stew / chicken curry…

Idiyappam moulds

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