Apr 5, 2009

Konna poovu / Kanikkonna for Vishu

One noticeable feature was the blooming of “Kanikkonna” ( Botanical name : Cassia Fistula) like a golden shower. It's a wonderful site from our balcony and kitchen- the Kanikkonna in full bloom next street.

The cascading golden yellow bunch of flowers is a symbol of prosperity for the people of Kerala and is usually associated with “Vishu” a harvest festival which is also celebrated in other parts of India ( eg- Bihu in Ahom- Assam).

Konna Poovu ( Poovu - poo – meaning flower) is an indispensable component of Vishukkani – the auspicious Ist sight ( the first thing to see ) on the new year’s day break ( Other components being gold, fresh vegetables, rice, and what ever you consider precious and essential). Luckily I got a few snaps. Vishu normally falls on 14th of April which normally coincides with this annual flower bloom. Enjoy these wonderful photos !!!

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