Apr 29, 2010

Rumali Roti / Roomali Roti

Here's the new recipe link of Rumali Roti (above photo)

Rumali Roti / Roomali Roti

A large thin roti folded like a handkerchief or roomal, from which it get its name. Popular with rich meat dishes in Mughlai cuisine.

Recipe Credit - Mrs Khatau & Niru Gupta

Makes: 3


1 cup ( 200 ml ) maida ( plain flour )
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon oil
1/3 cup ( 80 ml ) warm water


Make a soft dough with flour, oil, salt and water. Cover and set aside for one hour in an airtight container.

Knead again and divide into three lemon sized balls.

Roll out each one paper thin with the help of dry flour ( roti should be almost translucent ).

Invert a heavy cast iron pan over the gas burner ( very high heat ) and spread the roti over it. Cook for 30 - 40 seconds or until the small bubbles start appearing over the surface and underside is light brown. Turn over at once, and cook till the outer side is a speckled brown too.

Remove from the griddle and fold like handkerchief and serve with kebabs / butter chicken masala / korma....

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