Feb 18, 2008


Organic foods are produced according to certain production standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. For animals, it means they were reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones.

Organic foods are free from highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics and growth hormones, which are commonly used in intensive farming. Organic foods are free from artificial colourings, flavourings, addictives, sweeteners and unnecessary chemicals used in regular food manufacturing. Fresh organic produce contains 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micro nutrients than intensively farmed produce. Going organic is the only practical way to avoid eating generically modified ( GM) food. Organic foods are vegetables, low calorie snacks, special food for diabetic and high blood pressure patients, natural fruit flavoured ice creams and bakery products that are devoid of sugar and come enriched with natuaral sweetners.

Here's a list of Organic food shop in Chennai

AHUMCAARA - for high energy, low fat snacks, speciality cheese, natuaral salts, natuaral sweetners, juices, jams, herbs and spices, soy products, health drinks,grains, pulses, oils, nuts, natural tea , herbal tea , and weekend market for organic veggies.

19, [ Old No 230]
Near Spenzer's daily
Kilpauk Garden Road
Chennai # 26611828

3, First Floor
E-34, 2 nd Avenue
Besant Nagar
Chennai # 24919592

Organic Harvest
Gallery Sri Parvati
28/160, Eldams Road
Chennai #9444404577

85, 1 st Main Road
Gandhi Nagar

Naturally Auroville - for variety of breads, cheese, handicrafts, candles, handmade paper, lampshade and pottery from Auroville , Pondicherry.
8, Khader Nawas Khan Road
Chennai # 28330518, 28330517

74, 1ST Main Road
R A Puram
Chennai # 24331066


Sujatha said...

you can also buy organic produce from a shop called 'rajyalakshmi'in pondy bazar near saravana bhavan.it is actually in the basement of a building complex whose name i dont remember.

Shanks of India said...

I sell organic vegetables in Chennai at Besant Nagar. I bring fresh organic vegetables directly from my farm outside Chennai to the Besant Nagar Beach on Sunday mornings. I can be reached at 93803-65272 or by email at iam@sankaran.com. I also supply vegetables to the Rajalakshmi Store in T.Nagar and to the Sunday Shandy in Mylapore.

PRO ORGANIC - Rajasekaran said...

The organic professionals launched – certified organic retail brand “PRO ORGANIC” in Chennai. Available in all leading retail stores in Chennai. Organic rice, organic dals, organic pulses, organic Atta, organic spices, & organic oils etc.
For details visit www.proorganic.in
If your favourite shop does not have pro organic products; mail to: proorganic@mail.com (or) call 044- 32560080, 9380254434 , we will make it available at your favourite shop.
For business enquires 011-32674774, 09310024688 (Delhi)

ruso said...

people those who are consuming organic foods can joint in our organic friends community..
also you can read my blog about organic foods

OceanChurn said...

Hi, I deal in organic vegetables and Organic Ponni Rice, both Whole sale and Retail.
Phone: 9043633995

Anonymous said...

january 15, 2010

SRI ANNAI ORGANIC AND NATURALS is an authentic organic outlet , selling products manufactured the traditional organic way and that, which is highly hygienic and could act as a preventive measures for complicated ailments.
the products that are available here ranges from Certified Organic rice, organic dals,organic millets, organic pulses, organic Atta, organic spices, organic cooking oils,pure herbal mosquito repellent(non-toxic),special diabetic food and cosmetics that are made out of herbal extracts, organic baby food, organic non dairy milk ,imported non GM food ,organic vegetables and fruits , org.cashew butter , almond butter , peanut butter , Jam varieties ,homemade chocolates , herbal products and other daily care health products .

we also specialize in a HEALTHY WEIGHT REDUCTION / GAINING process and all in the organic way!!!

key features are
one stop shop
door step delivery
various ashram products
yoga and kriyas

contact us at - 8,1st avenue,sasthri nagar-adayar,chennai 20

organic pizza said...

Those Vegis look so healthy and full of organic goodness!

tammy said...

Im starting my 6mnth baby on veggies and I am from north chennai, are there any organic veggies shop this side of town???

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

We have Organic shop (ORGANIC WAYS) at Pallavaram. We supply Groceries, Fruits & vegetables.

- Dananjayan

Farm2Kitchen said...

Farm2Kitchen is proud to be one of the first online organic food stores in India. We offer a complete range of certified organic food and organic lifestyle products in India. All products listed are certified organic as per International standards and of the highest quality.

Organic Store said...

All kind of organic vegetables available at...O Zone organic Store.
Annanagar. Ph.42122338

anita said...

Hi all,
Im Anita, Nutritionist. For all your organic groceries and diet consultation call 9840758054

anita said...

I sell organic groceries and give diet counselling.I can be reached at 9840758054 or mail anita@haleandhearty.in

Ozone Organic store.. said...

Organic Products available at Annanagar.

O Zone organic store,
AA Block, No.37, Third street, Annanagar, Chennai 40. Near BOne and Joint Hospital. Phone.42122338

Organic User. said...

Organic @ annanagar.

No.37 AA Block, 3rd street, Annanagar Chennai 40. Mobile.9840837878.

Boxtree said...


We are from chennai and have started a new online Organic, Eco Friendly and Fair Trade portal called www.boxtree.in. If you are looking for non perishables delivered to your doorstep in chennai and across India, look no further!


Anonymous said...

Navagrain food emerged with a prime focus to offer health care solutions with basic food supplement derived from abundant agro produces exist in India. Navagrain food’s business ideas and insights are enviro centric and every step marching ahead is towards it which had a positive impact in our progress to effortlessly advance to enter into an agreement shortly on a long-term perspective which has been augmented by prospective customer acceptance of our concepts.
Our main objective of the company is to provide a natural food including fruit juices to our society and giving the direct benefit to the farming commodity

The main objective of the company is to provide a hygienically processed Millet based Cookies to the society and we can reduce the malnourishment, utilizing minor millets and providing employment. Most of the millets can blend very easily with common staple foods without any pronounced off flavors. They have mighty potential to be included in traditional and novel foods. The non-availability of ready to use processed millet has limited the usage and acceptability, despite their nutritional superiority. There is a need to provide millet based food products in the form ready to eat format. Incorporation of millets in cookies are widely accepted and having huge demands in market. In addition, value addition to minor millets not only offers variety, convenience and quality food to consumers, but also helps in revival of millet cultivation.

At present we are Manufacturing & marketing the following products
1. Ragi Cookies (Finger Millet)
2. Kambu Cookies (Pearl Millet)
3. Varagu Cookies (Kodo Millet)
4. Samai Cookies (Little Millet)
5. Kuthiravali Cookies (Barnyard Millet)
6. Nine Grain Cookies
7. Low GI Cookies – Palm sugar based(For Diabetic)
Special Features of Combo mimix
All the millet based cookies are produced from gelatinized millet flour for avoiding to the incorporation of raising agents [ex,. Sodium carbonate]. In addition the Combo Mimix cookies do not have Artificial Color, Flavor & Preservative.

Special features of Puerrich Frink
 Processed with the natural Colour
 Processed with natural Fruits
 Processed with natural Taste
 No boiling of fruit juices
 Rich contents of natural vitamins and minerals
 No need to add sugar
 available with the goodness of Amla, Ginger and Honey
 Prepared with the selected ripened fruits

Puerrich sweetened fruit and Vegetable Squash
1. Amla sweetened fruit squash
2. Pine Apple sweetened fruit squash
3. Mango sweetened fruit squash
4. Grape with Pomegranate sweetened fruit squash
5. Sweet Lime sweetened fruit squash
6. Lemon Barley sweetened fruit squash
7. Vegetable sweetened squash
8. Green Tea squash
9. Amla Sugar free squash
10. 100% Amla drink

Puerrich Ready To Drink Beverages
2. Papaya Pineapple
3. Sugarcane Juice
4. Amla Ginger
5. Mango

For Trade enquiry:
Navagrain Food
118/91, Perambur High Road,
TamilNadu. India.
Email: navagrainfood@gmail.com
Contact No: 9003271819/9150684543

Kanchana Sudhakar said...

Hi All,

We sell dairy products. We have our own organic farm house near Chengapattu. I can bring fresh cow milk, curd, butter, ghee on daily basis or as you wish. Please contact Kanchana / Sudhakar @ 9445112986, kanchanasudhakar.organic@gmail.com

O2N Farm said...

I started my Organic (*IINF Model) Farm near chennai, 2 year back. Now its turned out as good Model.

Bring fresh Veg & Greens Every
weekends (sat. eve) to Chennai.
for this summer we have,
I. Greens (sirukeerai),Veggies.
II. Paddy
-Seeraga Samba
-Black Rice
-Red Rice
III. Bio Fertilizer/pesticides
Panchakavya, Jeevamrudha, Natural Pesticides, produced from Desi (Gir & Umbalachery breed) cow's dung & urine (available around the year)

iv. Aqua culture
-Spirulina ( Arthrospira Platensis )
-Azolla (Azolla pinnata var imbricata )
V. Hands on Training :
1. Natural Farming - Why & How (Basic & Advance) - Min 5 members
2. Preperation of Panchakavya,Jeevamrudhu, Amurdha karaisal, Natural (Herbal) Pesticides
3. Spirulina, AZola culture.
4. Experimental - Hi Tech Natural Smart Farm.

5. I Make My Garden (How to set & maintain Balcony, Terrace, Home Veg. Gardens)
You can reach: 0 9940028160

*IINF -Integrated Indigenous Natural Farming Model