Feb 9, 2008



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Kota Kinabalu is situated on the tropical island of Borneo and is the state capital of the Malaysian state Sabah, one of the two states of East Malysia. The location of the city is absolutely amazing, and from the airport it is just a short ride to mostly any hotel. You find a world class sailing marina and championship golf courses as well as both first class holiday resorts and good hotels for the budget traveler.

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain of Borneo. It is located 70 miles from the northern tip of the island. It is an impressive flat-topped granite block, rising in isolation, thousands of feet above the gently sloping plain. It is a rugged, heavily eroded mountain, scarred by gullies, with jagged rocks and sharp pointed peaks surrounding the main terrace. The lower slopes are farmed, while the higher slopes are covered in thick jungle with rich biodiversity. The mountain's high peak is easily climbed, but all other peaks require rock climbing skills.

Kota Kinabalu is the provincial capital, and is the most important city in the area. It is just 35 miles southwest of the mountain, and is accessible by either air or boat from Singapore/ Malaysia.

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