Jun 19, 2009

Chick Punch... in Anna Nagar, Chennai

As a food lover I am always Interested to see new food-shops and outlets coming up in Annanagar. The newest additions ( atleast I noticed it only recently – forgive If I am wrong) being Chick-Punch and the (Yet to be opened) McDonald's ( near Shaw Electricals, & Jayabharatham Furniture - Roundtana, Anna Nagar).

McDonald's - Anna Nagar opens on 4 th July 2009

I found Chick-Punch outlet neat and clean. Space is enough and good selection of interior, well lit. The staff is courteous ( but pushy). They have taken a leaf out of Mainland China by sourcing their front office promoters from North-East. A change ( without qualification) for Chennaites.

The food and the menu is the same as one gets at KFC or Marrybrown – but pricey. More over the products are bundled to extract at least Rs.100 per head.

All in all – it is again the same old story of “ wine in new bottle”. Visit for a slightly different experience. Also featured is the menu card and photo.

Chick Punch

2nd Avenue

Anna Nagar


Tel #26222202

Landmark - Next to Dr. Manohar's child clinic and Nathella Jewellery

1 comment:

Touzeen said...

Decent food for decent money.
Fries fried to a crunch.
Average Burger.