Jun 15, 2009

Gurney Drive - Hawker Food

Gurney Drive is a stretch of road or esplanade facing the sea in Penang , just outside Georgetown city. This place was named after British High Commissioner Sir Henry Gurney, who was assassinated by guerrillas during the Communist insurgency in the fifties. Today, Gurney Drive is one of Penang's most happening social areas that is centred on the culture of dining!

Gurney Plaza - Shopping mall

On this short sea-front promenade, multitudes of hawker stalls fill the kerb. Its close proximity to Georgetown makes this place popular with urban-dwellers and even tourists who come to savour the mouth-watering culinary delights of Penang Island. Gurney Drive is also popular as a vantage point for watching the sun set in the evening, under the shade of the Casuarina trees that line the street.

Golden Fried Prawns


Unique fruit '' Durian "

Pattaya fried rice ( Fried rice in omelette )

Oyster fry

Char Keow Teow ( Fried flat noodles )

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