Jul 11, 2009

Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant - Anna Nagar , Chennai

The other day we ventured to the newest addition to the fine restaurants in Annanagar; during the lunch hrs. This is located in the heart of Annanagar ( Ist left from Annanagar Roundtana to Chintamani road - behind Valliammal college– turn left at Gupta Sweets), yet far enough to be peaceful from the traffic. This has got one huge advantage in today’s traffic conditions in the form of ample parking space.

The place was crowded and seats were not readily available – one got to wait for their turn if one goes there after 1 o’clock afternoon – could be an indication of its popularity.

The food was good. The biryani tasted quite different from the conventional biryani one gets in Chennai. It was less spicy and made of Jeerakasala rice (instead of conventional Basmati). The service was prompt even during the peak time. But everyone was sweating due to combination of steaming hot food and due to the fact that the air-conditioner was grossly in-adequate to cope up with the Chennai heat / crowd turnover.

We took a parcel (take away) also which is featured here. One more attraction about this take away biryani is that one gets a pack of gravy (mutton / chicken) as well - which one won’t get in other Chennai restaurants.

The prices were relatively high – when one compares to peers like Anjappar, Ponnuswamy, Chennai Rowthar Thalappakettu, at the same time the quantity is nothing much to write about ( A Chennai Rowthar mutton biryani costs Rs.60 for take away – but at this restaurant the cost is Rs.105 Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani ( Rs 100 ) , Prawns Biryani ( Rs140 ), Vegetable Biryani ( Rs 70 ).

Also featured is the menu card for you to refer.

The question is whether one needs to pay this high a price for the difference in taste. If the crowd there is any indication, it seems like people don’t care about price any more (recession? – what recession?).

Mutton Biryani, Mutton gravy , Baingan pachadi & salad

Click menu card to view large

Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant
F- 11 , 2nd Main Road
Anna Nagar East
Chennai # 26192323 / 26194300 / 26194200


Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

I totally agree with u....when it comes to food...there is no 'recession'...
hi my first time here n u hve a nice collection:)

Kannan said...

Thanks for the review. Was searching the google for some reviews of this restaurant.

Shobha said...

Hey you have taken me down the memory lane...I have been a resident of Anna Nagar,but have been moving due to my husband's job.I still have my house there.I shall surely visit this place on my next visit.

Kannan said...

Good post.