Jul 4, 2009

Homemade Besan Laddu ( Bassan Undo in Konkani Cuisine )

This recipe is very easy. Here's the recipe  link of  Besan Lddu / Bassan Undo .

Besan Laddu ( also called Besan Undo) is a quintessential Konkani sweet. This divine tasting sweet is an indispensable item during all auspicious events. If prepared properly, this will last long with out getting spoilt. One may notice that the taste / flavour improves on the 2nd day onwards for some un-explainable reasons.

We ( me and my husband) in a joint venture made this the other day.


Makes : 66 laddus
Preparation time : 1 1/2 hrs, including 45 min for roasting the besan flour.


500 gms besan flour ( chickpea flour)
500 gms sugar
200 ml ghee ( reserve 25 ml for frying raisins and cashew nuts )
2 table spoons raisins ( fried in ghee)
2 table spoons cashew nuts ( broken into small pieces, fried to golden brown - in ghee)
Cardamon power from 10 pods.


Buy only fresh besan flour. Sieve flour. Keep it ready.

Take a thick bottomed kadai.

Roast besan flour so that it turns into golden brown and till the taste of besan turns from fresh to roasted. One will also get a nice aroma of roasted besan. This may take appoximately 45 min.

Caution : Under roasting will leave a bitter after taste to the final product and over roasting will turn the flour taste burned. Hence continuous stirring while roasting is recommended for even roasting; on a low flame. Add 50 ml of ghee in between and turn it well so as to mix the flour evenly. Taste the flour to ensure right roasting consistency; judging by aroma or color may be misleading. Note the color change in photos below.

Once roasted, remove from heat, add sugar and other ingredients, also the remaining ghee.

Once the mix cools, roll the mix tightly into laddu. Size can vary as per preference. Spread them on a tissue paper so that any residual ghee will be removed. Store in an air tight container.

This is rich in sweet / calorie.

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