Jun 20, 2011

Jackfruit Ela Ada / Ponsa Patholi (Easy method with rice flour)

Jackfruit Ela Ada (Easy method with rice flour)

Makes: 7

You will need

15 ripe jackfruit bulbs (net weight 225 g after removing seed)
60 g grated coconut
1 cup rice flour
2 - 3 tablespoon thick jaggery ( melted and sieved)
1 big banana leaf (vazhayila)


Cut ripe jackfruit into small pieces and make a smooth paste in a mixer with grated coconut. Do not add water when making paste. It should be a thick paste.

Transfer the jackfruit - coconut paste into another container and mix with rice flour. Stir continuously for 4 - 5 minutes until rice flour well mixed with jackfruit mixture.

Add 2 - 3 tablespoon thick jaggery and mix well again (Finally, you can mix with extra 1 teaspoon rice flour or 1 - 2 teaspoon jaggery).

Clean banana leaf. Smoke this leaf on flame for a few seconds so that it becomes flexible and easy to fold.

Cut banana leaves into 7 - inch square pieces.

Keep 2 tablespoon jackfruit batter in the centre of the banana leaves. Fold and keep in a container. Repeat the process to make 6 - 8 adas or to the limit of the vessel.

Arrange the Adas in a steel bowl and steam in a pressure cooker ( without weight ) or in a steamer for 25 - 30 minutes on a medium heat. Allow this to cool. Remove the banana leaf covering and consume the ada.

Another modification is to shallow fry the ada. Remove the banana leaf of the Ada, cut into smaller pieces and shallow fry with ghee. This will make them tastier. This is called “Bhajjille Patholi” in Konkani.

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