Jul 29, 2013

Milkmaid Chocolate Fudge

Milkamaid Chocolate Fudge - A delicious dessert, made of milkmaid sweetened condensed milk

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
Makes: 16 squares


Milkmaid Sweetened Condensed Milk - 1 tin (400 g)

Powdered sugar - ½ cup (60 g)

Cocoa powder - ¾ cup (40 g)

Walnuts or Cashew nuts, coarsely chopped - 1 cup, (100 g)

Butter - 100 g

Maida - 2 tablespoon


 Mix all the ingredients, except walnuts / cashew nuts in a karahi  / pan and heat.

 Cook on low heat till mixture thickens and starts moving in a mass (soft ball stage, approximately 22- 25 minutes). Switch off the heat. Stir in the walnuts / cashew nuts.

 Pour onto a greased plate/ tray and smoothen the surface. Cool and cut into 2” squares.

Kolkata Kathi Roll & North Indian Thali @ The Bay Leaf, Chennai

North Indian Thali costs Rs 175 (service charge and VAT extra) & Kolkata Kathi Roll costs Rs 160/. There's special menu available for Bengali dishes. But please do not try Bengali dishes (Mutton curry, Aloo posto, Paturi, Fish dishes ...). That's not traditional and very expensive too.

The Bay Leaf,

14, 6th St, Gopalapuram, (From Gemini, take a left turn just before Gangotree  snacks and Moksha),

Chennai -600086

Phone:044 2811 4557

 Monday - Sunday 11:00 am–11:00 pm

Jul 28, 2013

Deep Fried Cod Fish (with egg white and breadcrumbs)

Deep Fried Cod Fish (with egg white and bread crumbs) – A  less spicy & crisp deep fried fish. Best with French fries / tomato ketchup / fresh salad / mayonnaise. Cod fish available in Chennai @ Auchan Hypermarket, The forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai.

Makes: 6


6 slices of Cod fish

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper powder or turmeric powder

1 egg white, beat well

½ cup breadcrumbs

200 ml oil (to deep fry)


Wash and clean fish slices. Drain out water thoroughly and wipe each fish piece with soft kitchen towel. Marinate with salt and pepper powder or red chilli powder evenly on both the sides of the fish slices. Cover and keep aside for half an hour.

In a bowl, beat egg white well. Dip each slice of marinated fish slice in beaten egg white and coat it with bread crumbs (roll it over breadcrumbs). Bread crumbs should be coated well (like cutlet).

Heat oil in a pan on medium heat and deep fry fish slices until crisp and golden brown on both sides. Please do not fry on high heat. Adjust the heat to medium and low. Drain out from oil and place it on kitchen towel / paper towel to absorb extra oil. Serve hot with mayonnaise / tomato ketchup / French fries ..

Jul 27, 2013

Homemade Dishes

Here's the recipe  link of  Chakkara Pongal

3 different types of dishes made of Cod fish (fish curry, shallow fried fried with spices, deep fried fish with egg white & bread crumbs and without spices)

Phulkas with Dal palak & Aloo methi

Instant Ragi dosa (made of normal dosa batter + ragi flour) with tomato chutney

Broken wheat upma & Cabbage undi upma

Jul 26, 2013

Homemade Vegetarian Dishes

Rice, Baingan Coconut Masala, Pumpkin upkari, Methi Sukke, Thakka kadi, Shallow fried baingan & Salad

Jul 25, 2013

A Sense for Spice by Tara Deshpande

A Sense for Spice by Tara Deshpande - A new cookery book in Konkan Cuisine. Available @ Flipkart Online store @ a lowest price of Rs 321/

Jul 24, 2013

Egg Tomato Burji

Egg Tomato Burji - A quick & delicious egg burji. Best with rice and rotis as a side dish !!!

Serves: 1


1 tablespoon oil

1 onion, small size, thinly sliced

½ teaspoon red chilli powder

¼ teaspoon turmeric  powder

1 small size tomato, thinly sliced

1 egg, beat well

¼ - ½ teaspoon salt (or to taste)

1 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves


Heat oil in a pan on a medium heat. Add thinly sliced onion and fry till light golden color.

Reduce the heat to low and add red chilli powder and turmeric powder. Stir it on a low heat for 1 minute until well blended and raw smell goes.

Add thinly sliced tomato and mix well.

Add beaten egg and salt to taste. Stir all the ingredients well. Cover with a lid and cook on a low heat for 10 minutes until egg well cooked / combined with all the ingredients. Sprinkle chopped coriander leaves and serve hot as a side dish with chapatti / rice / brown bread ..

Jul 23, 2013

Food Court @ The Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

Food Court @ The Forum Vijaya Mall,
Vadapalani, Chennai

Jul 20, 2013

Photos of Auchan Hypermarket @ The Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

Auchan Hypermarket

The Forum Vijaya Mall,
Unit No :- 1, Lower Ground floor,
No – 183A – 188, Arcot Road,
Chennai – 600026
Phone – 044 66528401

Kal Dosai & Appam @ ID (Food court @ The Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani, Chennai)

Kal Dosai with Chutneys & Vada curry

Appam with Ulli Theeyal

ID @ The Forum Vijaya Mall Food Court,
Chennai - 600026

Lebanese Rolls @ Domino's Pizza, Chennai

Delicious & soft Lebanese Rolls @ Domino's Pizza, Chennai (The Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani). Set of 3 costs Rs 128 (including tax & VAT). 

Jul 18, 2013

Photo of Chole Bhature

Here's the recipe link of Bhature (made of whole wheat (atta)

Here's the recipe link of Punjabi Chole

Here's the recipe link of Chana masala

Jul 16, 2013

Photo of Idli & Vada with Tomato Chutney

Here's the  recipe link of Idli

Here's the recipe  link of Mixed Vegetable Vada

Here's the  recipe link of Tomato Chutney

Jul 12, 2013

Photos of The Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai

The Forum Vijaya Mall
Arcot Road
Vadapalani - 600026
Tel - 49049000

Photo of Vada with Sambar & Chutney @ ID, Chennai (Food court @ The Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai)

Id @ The Forum Vijaya Mall
Arcot Road, 
Vadapalani - 600026
Tel - 49049000

Chana Dal - Oats Vada

Chana Dal – Oats  Vada -  A crispy deep fried evening snack, made of chana dal, oats and seasoning.

Makes: 6


½ cup / (Indian standard measuring cup of 100 ml / 4 oz capacity) channa dal (Bengal gram dal

2 tablespoon oats

1 - inch piece ginger, finely chopped

1 green chilli, finely chopped

6 curry leaves, chopped

5 shallots (chuvannuli / sambar onion) finely chopped or 2 tablespoon finely sliced onion

3/4 teaspoon salt ( or to taste )

200 ml oil for frying


Wash and soak dal in water for 2 hours.

Drain out water completely and grind dal in a mixer to a rough paste (Batter should be thick in consistency ). Do not add water when grinding.

Transfer this dal mixture to another container and mix with other ingredients (oats, green chilli, ginger,  shallots or onion, curry leaves and salt) until well combined. Prepare vada immediately. Divide dal mixture into 6 equal portions. Make round balls and and flatten it into round shape.

Heat oil in a kadai / frying pan. Reduce heat to medium and fry dal vadas in batches ( 3 at a time ) till light golden color and crisp on both the sides. Drain out from oil and place on kitchen towel / paper towel to absorb extra oil.

Serve with sambar /  tomato ketchup / coconut chutney. It’s a tasty evening snack with tea / coffee.