Feb 28, 2009


Unniappam kadai

Unniappam ( Malayalam), Appo in Konkani; also known as kuzhi Paniyaram ( Tamil)

Makes : 17


For batter

1,Rice flour – ½ cup
2, Maida – ½ cup
3, Jaggery -1/2 cup ( or to taste )
4, Ripe banana – 4 small ( mash well )
5,Grated coconut – ½ cup
6, Water for mixing ( approximately ¼ cup )
7, Cardamom powder – ¼ teaspoon

Ghee -1 tablespoon
Non – stick unniappam kadai


Mix all the batter ingredients ( from 1 - 7 ) together. Batter should be just like ‘’ Idli batter ‘’. Keep aside for one hour.

Heat kadai on a medium heat. Sprinkle each mould with little ghee. Pour batter in each mould ( ¾ th of the mould ). Sprinkle ghee again over batter. Cover with a lid and cook on a slow flame for 12 – 15 minutes till crisp and sides turn golden colour (until the edges separate from the kadai moulds and you start getting a nice aroma ). Flip them over (to cook the top side) with the help of stick and cook again for 8- 10 minutes. It’s a delicious after school snack and it’s also very popular in Kerala.

Feb 26, 2009

Delicious Sea food dinner at Marina Bay Restaurant - Miri, Sarawak

A group of my friends recently visited Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant and they had a delicious seafood meal. Enjoy these photos….

Marina Bay Sea Food Restaurant
Tanjong Lobang
Miri , Sarawak

Egg fried rice with prawns

Broccoli with sea cucumber

Feb 21, 2009

Sweets & Snacks of Kerala



Wheat halwa

Ari ( rice ) halwa / Karutha halwa

Chakka varatti


Chakka varuthathu ( jackfruit chips )

Tapioca chips ( kappa varuthathu )

Murugan Idli Shop now open at Kilpauk, Chennai

Enjoy soft idlis, crispy vada and yummy dosas
Murugan Idli Shop
12/ 3 A , New No. 31, Ormes Road,
Chennai # 42042009

Visit here for more Chennai cuisine

Feb 18, 2009

Heritage architecture of Kerala at Hotel Travancore Palace - Cherthala

One of my favorite restaurant in Kerala is Travancore Palace in Cherthala, Alleppey, Kerala. It is not only quality of the fantastic food they serve; but has also to do with the soothing ambience. The theme of the restaurant is based on the traditional architecture of Kerala.

As usual , we visited this restaurant when we went to Kerala. Since I already posted a blog about the food they serve, I am avoiding a repeat. Please click here to see the previous post on this restaurant.

This time I am focusing on the architectural beauty of the place. A few photos for you. Enjoy these photos....

Naalu kettu & Nadumuttam


Hotel Travancore Palace
Near Green Gardens Hospital ( NH 47 )
Cherthala, Kerala
Tel # 0478-2814045 / 2814048

Room reservation- Contact Aswini Residency
TB Road
Tel # 0478- 2812272 /2812273

Traditional breakfast at Mother's Kitchen - Karunagappally, Kerala

A few days back we travelled from Alleppey to Thiruvananthapuram by road. A lot of my friends who also love food, had suggested us to visit this restaurant; which is on the highway ( NH 47 ) itself. This place is also frequented and patronized by many Malayalam movie ‘’ stars ‘’ ; just to mention its fame and quality.

We found it very neat and clean, truly traditional at the same time moderately priced. One can taste the original Kerala delicacies like “Chiratta-puttu” which literally means “rice cake steamed in coconut shell” ; in its true form. Other varieties available are “idiyappam” which is the steamed rice noodles, and “Palappam” or simply “appam”. These goes along with Vegetable curry, Egg curry ( “Naadan mutta roast”), and “Kadala Curry” ( which is the Chick pea curry).

Chiratta puttu
Kadala curry
Mutta roast
Vegetable stew


Also featured is a replica of ‘’ Koothambalam “, which traditionally used to be the theatre/ stage for temple based performing arts in Kerala during the bygone days.

Replica of '' Koothambalam ''

Highly recommending ‘’ Mother’s Kitchen ‘’ for delicious Kerala cuisine. You can also buy spices, condiments and cashew nuts….
Mother's Kitchen
Vavvakkavu, ( NH 47 )

Branch also near Technopark