Mar 5, 2008

Jackfruit chips - Chakkavaruthathu (Malayalam) - Goro Thollolo( Konkani)

This is an extremly popular seasonal chips of Kerala - especially when fried in coconut oil. The flesh of the jack fruit bulbs are cut in thin slices and fried adding a dash of salt to make these chips. They are tasty and addictive. I always wonder how fast a tin of these chips vanish when my husband and son are at home. Luckily / unluckily these are seasonal. These are quite popular among Kerala Konkani's as well.

One tip which I got to offer is - when slicing the jack fruit flesh ( Chakkachullah) - try to size them uniform - like french fries.

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ranji said...

hi niya....these look awesome..happy to see another konkani blogger.i just love these goro' of my fav snack..