Mar 4, 2008


Vishu and Kanikonna

Wondering why didn’t I update this blog for a couple of days last week?. I had been for a holiday with family to the GOD’S OWN COUNTRY , Kerala. The weather was wonderful and was just right – neither cold nor hot.

Among other places we visited the capital Trivandrum ( Thiruvananthapuram), Kollam, Alleppey ( also known as the Venice of the east – due to its interconnected water ways) and the hill town Kottayam.

One noticeable feature was the unusual blooming of “Kanikkonna” ( Botanical name : Cassia Fistula) like a golden shower. It was a wonderful site all along our route – the Kanikkonna in full bloom.

The cascading golden yellow bunch of flowers is a symbol of prosperity for the people of Kerala and is usually associated with “Vishu” a harvest festival which is also celebrated in other parts of India ( eg- Bihu in Ahom- Assam).

Konna Poovu ( Poovu - poo – meaning flower) is an indispensable component of Vishukkani – the auspicious Ist sight ( the first thing to see ) on the new year’s day break ( Other components being gold, fresh vegetables, rice, and what ever you consider precious and essential). Luckily I got a few snaps. Vishu normally falls on 14th of April which normally coincides with this annual flower bloom. But perhaps due to global climate change – the Kanikonna this year bloomed well in advance. Zoom the snaps for a clear view.


Purnima said...

I surely did miss out your posts! Now clear why! Wow Konna pu has blossomed, I miss it, in mumbai, from our window we used to see this sight of beautifully Konna pu laden tree!! Tks for the virtual treat!

sajith90 said...

Kanikonna is connected with unnikrishnan and guruvayoor. Kanikonna is considered as evolved from one of the bracelet of unnikannan.

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