Mar 16, 2008

'' Saffola '' salt for a good health


Saffola Salt is made from salt that has been naturally extracted from the sea, then refined and enriched with the Minerals, Calcium and Potassium.

Saffola Salt is specially formulated to provide reduction in sodium. It is generally accepted that, maintaining normal body weight, promoting physical activity and lowering sodium in diets may help in the management of high blood pressure.

Saffola Salt can be consumed by the entire family including children as it also provides essential nutrients Calcium and Iodine.

With Saffola Salt you need not compromise on the taste of your food. Use as you would use your regular cooking salt.

Nutritional Facts

Serving size 1/4 teaspoon ( 1 gm )
Amount per serving ( approx )

Sodium 353 mg
Potassium 46 mg
Calcium 4 mg

SAFFOLA SALT PLUS ( lower Sodium + Iodine + Minerals )
The Heart Of a Healthy Family

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