Mar 9, 2008


Chennai is the paradise of ghee sweets... so enjoy mouth watering '' Ghee Mysore Pak'' from Sri Krishna Sweets- Chennai. It's awesome !!!!!
Sri Krishna Sweets
Pondy Bazaar Chennai # 24312345
Branches also at
Adyar, Anna Nagar East, Vadapalani, Airport [ Domestic & International ], Spenzer Plaza and Purashavakam


niveditha said...

Waw! its really mouthwatering. Do you have the recipe for this? Do share if you have. Pls check my version of making Mysore Pak at my blog

Thank you

Siddharth said...

OMG I love this mysore pak ONLY from this place. When I was younger an uncle of mine brought me a box of this and I didn't even know what it was - but wow let me tell you after that day I have been chasing that little white box like its a long lost treasure chest haha. I live in Toronto now and every time I hear some one is coming from India I tell them to please please pick me up a box of Sri Krishna mysore pak. I've tasted soo many differnt kinds of mysore pak but they are all garbage compared to this. lol seriously!

Apurva said...

Nivedita! Your Mysore Pak looks awesome. I cant wait to try it.
I just brought some back from India and unfortunately, like all good things, it has come to an end. :(