Jun 6, 2008

Lotus & Jasmin in Uruli

Uruli is a traditional cookware used in Kerala (a state in south India). It is circular in shape and is made of bell metal (a variety of bronze). Urulis are used in restaurants, and special occasions to cook large amounts of food.

Now a days ‘Uruli ‘’ is mainly used for decorating home, hotels, offices…… It will make a ‘’ cool’’ look to your home. You can keep different types flowers with water in Uruli. Top 3 flowers are Rose petals, Jasmin & Lotus…Floating candles are another variation.

Uruli is available all the main steel shops. Price ranges from INR 750 ---2000. ( Depends upon the size and quality. )

Main shops in Chennai

Ratna Stores
Pondy Bazaar

Saravana Stores
Ranganathan Street
T Nagar

Santhosh Super Stores
11 th Main Road
2 nd Avenue
Anna Nagar

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Meera said...

That uruli looks very pretty. I will look for it when I visit India next time.