Aug 28, 2008

fish ' n ' fresh - Anna Nagar - Chennai for fresh fish

At fish ‘n' fresh one can get wide range of more than 100 varieties of Fish, Prawn, Crab and other sea-food delicacies. Other meats include Chicken, Mutton, Beef and Pork in its fresh wholesome and pre-packaged form. Also available vegetables , grains, cereals, biscuits, noodles, imported foods...

Do you know where to get Bengal's most favourite Hilsa fish in Chennai ? Yes !! It's available in fish ' n' fresh and it costs Rs 390 / kg.

fish ' n' fresh
AJ Block , 4 th Avenue
Shanti Colony
Anna Nagar
Chennai # 32502081

Here's the photos of Fried Pomfret.. We bought this fresh pomfret from fish 'n ' fresh.

Visit here for fried fish recipe.


Sumanta Pani said...

I have checked several times no hilisa available. if you get any update plz let me know.

Niya Prakash said...

Hello Sumanta Pani, Thanks for query on illish maach (Hilsa fish). It's available @ Fish O' Fish, Anna Nagar, Chennai (Near yesyes supermarket, 3rd avenue & Apollo cliniq).

Samim said...

Hello Niya,

can you please let me know whether illish fish is available now and what about price they ask for.

If any phone number available, pls share, I stay at ECR, before going there, I will call them.

Niya Prakash said...

Hello Samim, Thanks for query on illish maach. Phone number already given on blog. Just check with them. Here's another fish stall address and phone number. Illish fish is very expensive. They may ask Rs600 - 800/ kg. Good luck

Fish o Fish
Anna Nagar: # T-100, 3rd Avenue, (Near Yeses
Super Market)
Phone : 044-42170149, 9884397092

Amitava Das Choudhury said...

Here I checked with shop but not available.Please can u provide us any other info.

Niya Prakash said...

Hello Amitava, Please check with Supreme seafoods. Here's the tel number - 66442222. Thanks

royabhijit1 said...

Dear All
Hilsa "eelish Machh" is available in Star Bazar (Ampa Skywalk). The rate would be 500 per kg. maximum weight 750 gms. However, not always u get this as it is a seasonal fish. I hope this helps.

royabhijit1 said...

Srat Bazar (Ampa Skywalk) keeps Hilsa regularly but not always. Hilsa is seasonal fish. I hope this helps.