Jan 10, 2010

Preparations for the Pongal in Chennai & Pongal Recipes

Preparations for the Pongal in Chennai

Hindus start off the brand new year with Pongal, a festival of harvest thanksgiving. The four - day festival which also marks the end of cold winter months and the beginning of spring, sees many visiting temples for prayers and food offerings to the Gods, whilst some boil rice in earthen pots until they boil over ( Pongal means ‘’ boiling over’’ in Tamil ‘’ ) - a symbol of prosperity and bountiful harvest for the year yet to come.

Pongal 2010 is on January 14, Thursday

Photo Credit - Times of India & The Hindu

For a sweet Pongal .... Lorries laden with sugarcane being unloaded at the Koyambedu market for the Pongal season.

Pot seller paints pots before selling them ahead of the harvest festival of Pongal in Namma Chennai

Colorful Pongal Pots

Pongal Preparation

Find here the recipes of Chakkara ( Sweet ) Pongal, Ven Pongal and Rawa Pongal

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