May 24, 2011

High - Sodium Foods to Avoid

High-Sodium Foods to Avoid

Find out which foods have a shocking amount of sodium -- even without the salt shaker

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Canned vegetable soup(1 cup): 940 mg

Bloody Mary mix (8 oz): 840 mg

Pasta sauce (1⁄2 cup): 756 mg

Reduced-calorie Caesar dressing (2 tablespoons): 620 mg

Panera Cranberry- Walnut bagel (1): 590 mg

Vegetarian baked beans (1⁄2 cup): 550 mg

Pancake mix (two 4-inch pancakes): 477 mg

Pizza Hut Pan Pizza (1 slice from large cheese pizza): 470 mg

Starbucks bran muffin (1): 470 mg

Cottage cheese (1⁄2 cup): 456 mg

Canned green beans (1⁄2 cup): 390 mg

Instant chocolate pudding (1⁄2 cup): 380 mg

Chocolate fudge cake mix (1⁄12 cake): 350 mg

American cheese singles (1): 250 mg

Hearty white bread (1 slice): 250 mg

Low-sodium vegetable juice (8 oz): 140 mg

Did you know...

Hate dairy? An 8-ounce glass of fortified orange juice supplies about 45% of your daily dose of calcium.


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