Sep 30, 2008

Home made Pizzas and total cost

Maggi pizza mazza

Amul Mozzarella cheese

Grated cheese, onion, capsicum, shallow fried chicken sausages and tomato
Spread 2 teaspoon Maggi pizza mazza on a pizza base, arrange vegetables and sausages over it and sprinkle grated cheese on the top ( getting ready for baking ).
Bake at 250 * C for 15 minutes / till get golden colour
You can make home made pizzas very easily. All you need is an OTG ( oven- toaster- griller ), a packet of pizza base ( you'll get it from neighbourhood baker ), a bottle of Maggi pizza base, Amul mozerella cheese, a cup of vegetables ( capsicum, onion and tomato ) and a pack of chicken sausages ( Chicken sausage is optional ).

My son has invited his friends for Pizza party, I made 6 pizzas and they enjoyed well.

Let's find out the cost of home made pizzas

Maggi pizza mazza- Rs 49/ bottle
Amul Mozzarella Cheese - Rs50/ packet (50x2)=Rs 100
Pizza base -Rs 5 for 1 base (6X5 )= Rs 30
Chicken sausages ( a packet of 6 )- Rs51/ packet
Vegetables- Rs10
Total cost -Rs 240
If we order from pizza out lets it costs more than Rs1000 for 6 medium size pizzas( including tax, VAT, service charge and other charges ).

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