Oct 12, 2008

Golden glow in minutes

Mix 2 tablespoon orange juice with 2 pinches of coarsely ground turmeric. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Soft and supple skin

Scrub your skin with 1 teaspoon each of walnut powder, honey and lemon juice.

Skin treatment with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are excellent for oily skin and help the skin feel clean and tight. They also help tackle pores and blackheads. Cut the tomato in half and rub on skin. Leave on for 15 minutes to let skin ‘’ feed ‘’ on the juice. Wash off.

Smoother skin with Cabbage

Cabbage is rich in minerals and vitamins. The next time you boil cabbage, don’t throw away the water. Wash your face with this water for soft, smooth skin.

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