Feb 17, 2009

Export quality cashew nuts from Vijayalaxmi Cashew Company- Kollam, Kerala

Kollam district in Kerala, from time immemorial, is famous for its cashew industry. During the last decades of Raj era, the coastal sky line of Kollam was also dotted with cashew factories – most of them processing cashews ( importing raw cashews and exporting finished products). Times have changed now; but the fame and taste lingers in our memory.

When ever we pass by Kollam; we drop by to pick up a couple of packs of cashew from VLC, Kollam which specializes in high (marked for export) quality processed cashew; from their factory outlet at “General fuel station” in “Chinnakkada”.

Vijayalaxmi Cashew Company ( VLC )
Factory Outlet- General Fuel Station
Chinnakkada, Kollam, Kerala
Tel # 0474- 2744606

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