Apr 29, 2009

Safety tips for your baby

1, Never leave her when she’s eating or drinking.

2, Keep small objects out of your baby’s reach.

3, Always put your baby to sleep on her back.

4, Maintain a moderate room temperature.

5, Do not fall asleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair , or leave her alone in an adult bed.

6, Use a light blanket, or a baby sleeping bag.

7, Make sure her car seat or bouncer is always placed on the floor, so she can’t topple off high surface. Make sure she’s strapped into her car seat or buggy so she can’t fall out.

8, Make sure heavy objects can’t be pulled over.

9, Move any furniture that your baby could climb on away from windows, so she can’t fall out.

10, Put stair gates on all staircases, at the top to bottom for extra security.

11, Don’t ever leave your baby alone in the bath - not even for a minute.

12, Don’t think that using a bath seat or support means you can leave your baby unattended.

13, Always check the water whether it is hot / cold when bathing a baby.

14, Do ignore the phone calls if it rings when bathing a baby , or take your baby with you to answer it.

15, Keep medicines away from your baby.

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