Jan 15, 2010

Tata '' Star Bazaar '' Now at Ampa Skywalk Mall - Chennai

Tata '' Star Bazaar '' Now at Ampa Skywalk Mall - Chennai

Hypermarkets like Star Bazaar are changing the way people shop for their groceries and household essentials. People who used to visit the local shops and vegetable market frequently are now buying at hypermarkets such as Star Bazaar that offer customers a variety of products at affordable prices, in a comfortable environment. But while affordability is a big factor for customers, they also seek value and quality which they know they will get at Star Bazaar, a Tata enterprise.

The uniqueness of Star Bazaar store lies in the size and spread of its merchandise range. Shoppers can select from a large range of staples, vegetables, provisions, stationary, furnishing materials, fresh cakes,, apparel, luggage, consumer durables, pastries, breads, confectioneries, vegetarian ( paneer masala, sambar sadam, veg biryani ) and non vegetarian dishes ( tandoori chicken, mutton biryani, parathas ), household products ( fish , chicken, mutton & eggs ) and much more and also enjoy the benefit of generous reductions on the market rate.

Star Bazaar
Ground Level
Ampa Skywalk Mall
Nelson Manickam Road

Tel # 64625130

Store Opens at 10 am to 10 pm

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anks said...

first it was docomo which created waves across india in the telecom sector........ nw i think its theturn of star bazar
mates watch this hyper amrket for its gonna rreally biiiiiiggggggg

Badri said...

ya the mall is pretty good and star bazaar had some cheap deals too. Though the service was not that great.

Are there any other star bazaar outlet in chennai?

Chef Vivek.M Bsc,Dhmct,Ntn said...

chef vivek

The STAR BAZAAR first hipper supermarket in Chennai

i really thank to TATA Group...........

Karthik Rajamani said...

Ampa Skywalk is it fully operational ?
What shops have come and is it worth visting now ?

Srikanth said...

Nice to know about this mall. I was in that area 10 years back. Nostalgic when I read about this.

Anonymous said...

the star bazaar at skywalk is really cool and they really make us spend less.