Jul 16, 2010

Santhan - An all time favorite dish in Konkani Cuisine

Santhan also Sannan is a dish very close to every Konkani family, especially the Cochin GSB's. Though it is just another form of idli, Santhan is normally associated with festivities.

Santhan - the spongy form of idly, used to be made in our homes when there were celebrations - marriages, temple festivals (aarattu or thirunal), Santhan is made by pouring idli batter in a large thali or flat vessel and steamed just like idli. Once it is cooked and done, Santhan is cut like cake and consumed. This amounts to considerable saving - time wise - in serving large number of people as making santhan is easier than idli.

There is no parallel to hot steaming Santhan, when consumed along with any compliments like sambar, chutney, kukka humman, gashi, kermbala thoro etc.


A form of Idli where Idli batter is steamed in a steel thali / bowl.

You will need

300 - 400 g idli batter
1 teaspoon oil
1 steel thali / bowl


In a steel thali / bowl, grease 1 teaspoon oil.

Pour idli batter up to 3/4 level (to allow for expansion during cooking ) and steam ( do not put weight ) in a pressure cooker / steamer / pedavan on a medium heat for 20 - 25 minutes or till done.

Open the lid and allow to cool naturally.

Cut into desired shape. Serve with gashi / sambar / coconut chutney / pickle ..

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