Sep 6, 2011

Unakkalari Paayasam

Unakkalari Paayasam (Brown rice) / Kheer

Serves: 6 dessert cups


30 g (2 tablespoons) Unakkalari (brown rice)
1 litre boiled milk (do not dilute with water)
125 g sugar


Wash and soak rice in 1 cup (100 ml) water for half an hour. Drain out water.

Boil milk ( do not dilute with water ) and keep aside.

Add milk and soaked rice in a pressure cooker. Mix well. Close cooker. Bring to full pressure on high heat till 3 whistles. Reduce heat and cook on a low heat for 10 minutes. Allow to cool naturally.

Open cooker. Quantity of the milk will reduce to 3/4 in quantity and light pink in color. Add sugar and mix well. Cover with a normal lid (not pressure cooker lid) and cook on a low heat for 25 minutes / till thickens / pink in color. Stir occasionally.

Serve hot / warm / chilled.

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