Aug 6, 2015

New Recipe of Dosa (made from Basmati Rice)

New Recipe of Dosa (made from Basmati rice)

Makes: 12 - 16 dosas (depends upon the size of the dosa tawa)

Ingredients ( 3 : 1 ratio)

3 cups basmati rice ( 1 cup - Indian standard measuring cup of 200 ml capacity)
1 cup urad dal
½ teaspoon salt


Wash and soak rice and urad dal separately for 5 hours.

Drain out water and first make urad dal paste in a mixer or grinder. Water level should be up to the level of urad dal when making paste. Make a smooth paste and transfer urad paste into another big  vessel.

Next make a paste of rice. The water should be up to the level of the rice. If the batter is thick, add extra ¼ cup water and grind again. Make a smooth paste. Transfer this rice paste with urad dal paste. Add ½ teaspoon salt and mix well continuously for 3 – 5 minutes. Batter should be of dropping consistency

Cover with a tight lid and  set aside for 6 – 7 hours (or overnight) to ferment  the batter.

Heat a non stick pan / dosa tawa / flat tawa on a medium heat.

Grease with little oil / ghee.

Pour a ladleful of batter (120 ml) on the centre.  Spread evenly by circular rotations using the base of the ladle, starting from the centre and progressing outwards.
Sprinkle little oil or ghee.

Once it’s ready, carefully turn  the other side  with a flat spatula and cook till light golden color.

Serve hot with coconut chutney / sambar / dosa podi / potato human …