Aug 5, 2018

Milkmaid Condensed Milk Pedas

Makes: 14 - 16 pedas (It's a delicious  homemade Indian sweet)


3 tablespoon butter

1 tin Milkmaid condensed milk

3 tablespoons sugar

4 tablespoon milk powder (40 g)


In a pan / karahi, heat 3 tablespoon butter. Add milkmaid, sugar and milk powder and stir on a medium heat for 20 minutes. Adjust heat from medium to low. Stir continuously. Color will change from cream to light brown   to glucose biscuit color (Goodday / Tiger biscuit). Switch off the heat. Mix well. Keep aside to cool for half an hour. Apply little ghee on palm evenly. Make small pedas and place it on cup cake cases. Then it won’t stick each other. It’s a tasty homemade sweet for kids.  No added all purpose flour, food color and made with less butter.

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