Sep 9, 2008

Crispy Samosas from Sri Krishna Sweets - Chennai

A couple of day’s back, we visited Sri Krishna Sweets, Annanagar, Chennai. It was a pleasant evening and I was really impressed by the ambiance there.

Sri Krishna Sweets has been around for many years now and its pure ghee sweets are famous not only in Chennai but in other parts of Tamilnadu.

A striking feature which I found at the Annanagar outlet was the attitude and crispy clean dress of the attending staff reminiscing a Jewellery shop . Apart from sweets and savories, there were many offerings from the hot plate – like Kara / Sweet Paniyaram, Sweet / coconut / Masala Boli etc.

To enhance the shopping experience, there was a live violin recital which added to the splendor. With chairs around, one can enjoy the food and the music as well.

Featured here is a pair of Samosas. I found them very rich with liberal sprinkling of Cashew nut splits. Size of samosas were also fulfilling.

Yes, You guessed it right. Of course; these things will not come cheap. A single samosa costs Rs.15/-

Even though the offerings are pocket heavy and loaded with cals , I recommend a visit.

Around this time every year ( Gut feeling tells me it is Sept 20th); Sri Krishna Sweets offers “ Buy 1 kg and get 1 Kg free” Ghee Mysorepa for a day. I have seen serpentine queues last year – but it is worth the trouble - as the offer sweetens the already sweet Mysorepa.

Sri Krishna Sweets,
2nd Avenue, Annanagar East,
Chennai – Tel – 26191222.
( Very near to Annanagar roundtana – next to Anjappar, McRennet).

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