Sep 7, 2008

Photos of evergreen '' Onam Snacks ''

Featured here are photos of Banana chips and Sarkarapuratti. These two are inevitable ingredients in any ''Onam meal ".

Banana chips ( upperi )

Sarkaraputatti (Fried- thick slices of unripe banana wrapped in jaggery, cardamom powder and a dash of dry ginger powder ( chukkupodi ).

Onam is an exclusive local festival of state of Kerala. It marks the homecoming of mythological King Mahabali and is an annual harvest festival. It is a popular festival among the cultural repertoire of Malayalees, and falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August/September as per the Gregorian calendar), the first month of the Malayalam calendar, and lasts for ten days. Traditionally celebrated as a harvest festival, mythologically it is linked to Malayalee–Hindu folktales; but Onam is celebrated by people of all religions .

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