Apr 11, 2008

Online Activity For Kids- Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer is designed to engage pre-schoolers in a play along adventure. Online, your kids can join Dora and her band of animal friends as she journeys through the Spooky Forest, Crocodile Lake, and other exciting places. It’s on these quests that Dora faces problems and needs your child’s help. Dora can’t continue her adventure without your child’s input. The series is designed to actively encourage pre-schoolers in a play along adventure. Dora The Explorer builds on Nick Jr’s promise to ‘Play, Laugh and Learn.’ Each day Dora and her monkey companion Boots go on a high stakes journey – a quest filled with funny friends, puzzling problems and an arch villain fox...... more.
Songs, colouring , stories, Game...... fun !! more fun !!! Enjoy....Dora The Explorer

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