Aug 31, 2009

Haleem from Mughal's Zaika Restaurant - Kilpauk, Chennai

Haleem from Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant, Chennai

Haleem is very popular dish during ‘’ Ramzan ‘’ and “Moharrum” months. The origins Haleem can be traced to Persian food culture. While it is a delicacy year round, it gains importance during fasting months of Muslims. Haleem is equally popular in Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

The main ingredients of Haleem are wheat ( broken wheat as well), lentil and tender meat ( beef, mutton or chicken). The preparation of dish is time consuming as it is slow cooked for seven to eight hours and hence it is in a paste-like consistency. The taste of Haleem, therefore is a mix taste of spices and meat blending with wheat.

I had tasted Haleem once in KLCC Food Court , Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia and had been searching for an appropriate place in Chennai, where it is prepared in the traditional way; so that I can recommend to all of you. Finally, my search got fruitful at ‘’ Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant”, Kilpauk, where authentic tandoori & Mughlai Cuisine is served in the traditional way. While a variety of dishes were available, I bought haleem, mutton biryani in Mughal style, reshmi kebab, Irani chicken, Lucknowi Mutton Nihari and dessert ‘’ phirni ‘’ & Shahi Tukra. All the dishes were very tasty and really ‘’ authentic’’. Highly recommending ‘’ Haleem ‘’ during the period of ‘’ Ramzan’’. Haleem available at this restaurant from 11 am to 11 pm, only during the Ramzan month - till id. So please don’t miss to taste.

Haleem can be eaten with any variety of rice or any variety of Indian breads. Haleem especially preferred side dish to break the fast during Ramzan fasting as it provides wholesome nutrition and calories.

There is parking space around the restaurant as it is off the main road. The hotel staff is courteous and polite - and also very helpful while answering queries about preparation. Good for family outings with ample space.

Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant
No. 8 , Rajarathinam Street

Tel # 42858901 /42858902

Land mark - behind Ega Theatre- (Road adjacent to Ega Theatre towards Kelly’s. Once on this road, take the Ist right turn. The restaurant is the 2nd building on this street).

Mughal Mutton Biryani & Haleem

Irani Chicken

Lucknowi Mutton Nihari

Reshmi Kebab

Shahi Phirni

Shahi Tukra

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sparkglow said...

Not everyone can afford to have Haleem at Mughal Zaika. It is too expensive. You should try the Shahi Haleem at Haleem Express inside Walajah Big Mosque Compound in Triplicane Chennai. It is very tasty and at an affordable price by one and all.