Sep 2, 2009

Niya's World OnaSadya 2009

Our Onam 2009

Finally, Thiruvonam, the main day of Onam has arrived for which we all were eagerly waiting for. As every year, this day marked with a sense of happiness and joy. Onam has over the years transformed from a harvest festival to that of an all round festival including marketing. But to every Keralalite, this brings back nostalgic memories of festivities and fun during childhood, especially the joint family days - when there were many young children to share the joy and fun.

Our kid also got up early morning today - all excited and fortunately, he got school leave today as well which added to his joy. He got ready immediately wearing new dress, did his pujas and made a small but beautiful “ Pookkalam”.

I too had planned to make this Onam a memorable one. So started making the Onam Sadya in my own humble way. With no help around, I got to slog it out myself. Hence did not go into elaborate one, but I wanted to give my family all the essential dishes of Onam Sadya, on conventional “ Vazhayila” - the banana leaf. The content faces of my husband and son after sadya indicated that my efforts (dishes) were well accepted.

Here are some photos for you.

Pappadam, Sambar , Avial, Parippu and Moru Kaachiyathu

OnaSadya dishes from left to right

Sarkarapurati, Upperi ( banana chips ), Semiya payasam, Paalada, Pappadam, Cabbage Thoran, Avial, Kaalan, Moru Kaachiyathu, Sambar, Parippu, Naranga Achar ( lime pickle ), Cheru pazham & Kuthari Choru

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