Apr 13, 2010

Photos of traditional Konkani ceremony and feast

Recently, we had been to Kerala for a family function - Brahmopadesam / Upanayanam of one of our nephews.

This function was conducted in the traditional way of Kochi GSB’s starting with “Naandi poojan” 10 days before the function.

The occasion was well attended with 800 guests. It started with the “Ududa muhurthu” which is basically start of the event invoking blessings from “Shri Mahaganapathy”. This was followed by traditional breakfast with Idly, Sambar, Chutney, Mixture, Rava Kesari or Sheera, complimented with tea/coffee.

Since the gathering was relatively large, the food was prepared in the kitchen attached to the venue, hiring professional cooks. Professional Konkani cooks available in Kerala for this purpose, who specializes in preparing traditional cuisine suited for marriages and other family occasions. Huge vessels are also available on rent in every nook and corner in Kerala for this purpose.

The preparations for lunch started by the previous nightfall itself. All the vegetables and grains were cleaned, cut / sliced, and the cooking was timed such a way that everything was ready to be served for lunch.

Traditional dishes served were dhewe orva seethe (rice), thoye (dal), gassi, dhewe humman, kelya ambaet, methiye sukke, ambya edgai, miriya appolu and dhewe appolu, alle, kelya sassam, pulliserry, rasam (saru). Sweet dish was dudda paysu ( pal payasam).

Enjoy some photos which I snapped for you.


Idli mould


Idli, Sambar, Coconut chutney, Mixture, Rawa kesari

Rawa Kesari

Kelya Sassme, Alle, Methiye Sukke, Mango Pickle, Gassi & Banana Chips

Dhewe Humman



Pappadam ( Appolu )

Mirya Appolu

Kelya sassam and Alle

Rice ( Seeth )

Dudda Paysu ( Pal payasam )


I'm a Home Chef !!! said...

fabulous...heavenly treat for eyes!!!miss kerala very much these days:(...happy vishu to you niya:)

Priya said...

hi, the photos are marvellous. thanx....

Uma said...

most of the konkani recipes are new for me.. i like the way you explain each recipe so well :)