Apr 3, 2013

Punjabi Bhindi Masala

Punjabi Bhindi Masala - A tasty bhindi masala / spicy side curry with  tomatoes and  spices. Serve as a side dish with chapati / phulkas.

Serves: 2


1 tablespoon oil

½ teaspoon cumin seeds

2 onions (small size 2 or 1 big size), finely sliced

¾ teaspoon red chilli powder
1 ½ teaspoon coriander powder
½ teaspoon turmeric powder

2 tomatoes (2 small size or 1 big size)

12 bhindis (Lady’s finger / okra), cut into ½ - inch pieces (Please select tender / fresh bhindis)

½ to ¾ teaspoon salt (or to taste)

½ teaspoon garam masala powder (or a mix of ¼ teaspoon clove powder + ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder + ¼ teaspoon nutmeg powder)

2 tablespoon water


Dilute red chilli powder, coriander powder and turmeric powder in 1 tablespoon water (spice mix). Keep aside.

Wash and dry the bhindi and wipe with a kitchen cloth. Cut both the ends of the bhindi and cut into ½ - inch long pieces.

Heat the oil in a karahi or pan and add the cumin seeds. When they change colour and fragrant, add the onions and saute till  golden color.

Add diluted red chilli, coriander, and turmeric powder (spice mix) . Stir well on a low heat until the water dries up and raw smell disappears.

Add tomato and stir well.

Add bhindi piece, salt to taste and garam masala powder. Sprinkle 2 tablespoon water. Mix all the ingredients well.

Cover with a lid and cook on a low heat (approximately 8 - 10 minutes) or until done / bhindi pieces well coated with spices and tomatoes. Stirring occasionally. Serve  as a side dish with chapatis / phulkas.

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