Nov 16, 2011

Chawli (Lobia / Black eyed beans) Masala

Chawli (Lobia / Black eyed beans) Masala

A tasty main curry, goes well with Chawal / Rice / Rotis / Idiyappam (sevai) and Whole wheat breads !!!

Serves: 3

You will need

For chawl (lobia / black eyed beans):

1 cup (100 g)
2 1/2 cups water


Wash and soak chawli in 2 1/2 cups water for 6 hours and pressure cook for 20 minutes (reduce heat to medium after 3 rd whistle and cook for 15 minutes or until done and soft). Allow the cooker to cool it naturally.

For masala:

1 tablespoon oil
1 onion (60 g), finely sliced
2 tablespoons tomato puree or 1 tomato (well ripe), finely sliced
3/4 teaspoon red chilli powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon coriander powder
6 curry leaves
1/2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
Extra 50 ml water

Final preparation:

Dilute red chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder in 2 tablespoons water and keep aside (spice mix).

In a wide pan, heat oil. Add finely sliced onions and fry till golden color on a low to medium heat.

Add tomato puree / sliced tomato and stir well till well blended.

Add diluted spice mix. Stir well continuously for 2 - 3 minutes until the water dries up.

Add curry leaves. Mix well.

Add boiled chawli (along with stock - may be 1/2 cup) and add extra 50 ml (1/4 cup) water if required. Adjust salt to taste. Cover with a lid and cook on a low to medium heat for 10 - 12 minutes or until the gravy thickens and creamy. Serve hot.

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