Aug 13, 2013

Microwave Mysore Pak

Microwave Mysore Pak – A delicious sweet in Indian cuisine. Rich in taste and high in calories. Basic recipe from  Amuthis kitchen . com !!

Makes: 16 nos


Please use same measuring cup to measure besan (gram flour), ghee and  sugar. Here I used Indian standard measuring up of  100 ml / 4 oz capacity.  My  Microwave oven  is Whirlpool Magi Cook (22GSi) 750 W and microwave safe bowl is 1 ½ litre capacity.

1 cup  besan (gram flour/ kadala maav / chone pitti), sieve twice

1 tablespoon ghee (to fry besan)

2 cups   sugar (measure sugar and then make a fine powder)

1 cup ghee  (100 ml)

2 tablespoon boiled milk (@normal temperature)

1 teaspoon ghee (to grease steel thali / baking dish)


Heat ghee in a pan on medium heat. Add sieved besan and  gently fry on a low heat for 4 – 6 minutes until the raw smell goes. Stir continuously.

Melt ghee in a microwave safe bowl of 1 ½ litre capacity for 1 minute on high heat (750 W).

Grease a steel thali / baking dish /microwave safe bowl with 1 teaspoon ghee. Keep it ready.

Now  mix melted ghee with fried besan, powdered sugar and milk. Stir it  well with a thick tablespoon. It should be a smooth paste  ( without  any lumps)  and microwave on high heat / power (750 W) for 2 minutes. Mixture will boil vigorously and with lots of bubbles. That's the right consistency.  Switch off the heat / power. Immediately  transfer Mysore pak mixture into a greased  dish. Spread it evenly with a flat spatula. Keep aside to cool for 10 – 12 minutes and then cut it into desired shape and size.


sujatha umesh said...

hello M/W is also whirlpool is not magicook....can u convert the temp into degrees???i mean how many degrees is 750w??? the temperature is given in degree centigrade...pls help...

Niya prakash said...

Hi Sujatha, Thanks for query :) It's written in 750 / 650 W and quick mode. No degree settings. Sorry , I'm not sure. I shall try to find out from my husband.

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Microwave ovens mention wattage not degree centigrade because they heat with radio waves that heat the molecules in the stuff we place for cooking.

In convection mode, temperature can be set I guess. We are using the basic microwave without convection mode.

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi said...

Basic Microwaves mention wattage and not centigrade because they heat the molecules in the food that we place inside.

I don't have a convection oven and maybe that has temperature control.

gopal said...

Madam the very color speaks volumes & I remember my Mother^s Mysore Pak tasted 3 decades ago. My Mother^s mysore pak will be actually a mysore cake! Thanks