Aug 22, 2010

Ari Pathiri ( Rice Flour Rotis )

Ari Pathiri ( Rice Flour Rotis )

Ari Pathiri is very popular in Malabar regions of Kerala ( Calicut / Kozhikkod, Malappuram .. ) and also made with without oil. It’s very soft and goes well with coconut milk, veg and non - vegetarian dishes. Ari Pathiri is must during the month of Ramzan.

Makes: 8

You will need

200 g raw rice flour or powdered rice ( ari podi in Malayalam )
1 1 /2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 / 4 cup extra rice flour


In a bowl, boil water with salt.When the water starts boiling , remove the lid, reduce flame to minimum. Pour rice flour evenly with one hand and simultaneously stir with a spatula with the other hand. Mixing of rice flour in boiling water is very important while making pathiri dough. It should be mixed evenly - else it may form lumps - which totally spoils the dish. Mix well and there won’t be any trace of raw rice flour. Keep aside for cooling.

Mix well and knead until the mixture is extra soft. Divide this dough into 8 equal balls and roll out into very thin pathiri ( just like chapati / puri ). Sprinkle rice flour generously when making pathiri. You can cut the edges of the pathiri with the help of a lid to get exact round shape. Set aside carefully.

Heat a flat tawa / dosa tawa. Place rolled out pathiri on it and cook for 40 seconds to 1 minute. Flip the other side and cook for about another 1 minute. Find out the photo above. Do not apply oil or ghee.

Serve with coconut milk, veg or non - vegetarian dishes of your choice.

4 comments: said...

These pathiris have come out very of my all time favourites with egg curry or beef masala....

Lav said...

wow looks like a good breakfast recipe..shal try soon Niya !!


Simi Devasia said...

thanks niya i have been trying it out for sometime ........i have only tasted in my frnds i can make it too...

Unknown said...

Looks Great!!! wanna to make and taste...thanks for the simple receipe Niya.