Aug 5, 2010

Chiratta Puttu

Chiratta Puttu

More on puttu

I thought of introducing a couple of variants of puttu which all of us not familiar. May be some of you know about it.

1, Sharkkara Puttu ( Puttu with jaggery / godda puttu )

While making this puttu a couple of tablespoon s of melted or powdered jaggery is added to the coconut scrap ( soyi ) and puttu is made as normal with coconut scrapings before, between and after the rice powder. The puttu is cooked on steam as normal. The advantage is no separate complement is needed, instead the jaggery mix can be used as a complement. Hence it is easy to prepare and use.

2, Chiratta Puttu ( Puttu made in coconut shell )

In olden days puttu was made in cut pieces of bamboo or in coconut shell ( In Kerala it is known as Chiratta puttu ). The eye on the coconut shell will provide an opening for the steam to cook the puttu. The other day I came across a puttu mould in the shape of coconut shell. It can be placed on top of pressure cooker ( where the weight is placed ) and steam for 7 minutes on a medium heat ( reduce the heat to medium after releasing full steam and steam for 5 minutes ). Featured here is sharkkara puttu and mould.

Chiratta Puttumaker available at

Chakson Showroom
AC Block No100
Anna Nagar

Tel # 26264409 / 42693409

Landmark - Aiyappan temple & KHM Hospital road towards Shanti Colony and 3rd right

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