Aug 13, 2010

Idli with Sprouted Moong

Idli with Sprouted Moong

Main ingredients

100 g sprouted moong, sufficient idli batter, mint chutney or sambar or coconut chutney or tomato chutney for serving


Grease each idli mould with little oil.

Arrange sprouted moong beans carefully on each mould of idli batter ( Do not stir the batter ) and steam them. Allow it to sit for about 8 minutes before removing them.


Rice provides fast and instant energy. It does not contain harmful fats and good source of resistant starch. Apart from being a good source of protein moong beans also contain useful amount of fibre, potassium & B- vitamins. Mixture of moong beans and cereals give a more balanced amino acid profile and biological value.


Akila said...

Looks different and a healthy one....

Lav said...

Nice and different !!