Dec 10, 2012

How to make Basic Buttercream Icing ?

How to make basic Buttercream Icing?

Recipe reference – BBC Goodfood and  The fabulous moms guide.


Please use same measuring cup to measure butter and powdered sugar / icing sugar.

1 cup / 200 ml unsalted butter, softened (@ room temperature)

½ cup  icing sugar or ½ cup powdered sugar, sieve twice

1-2 tablespoon milk


Beat the butter in a large bowl until soft. Add half of the icing sugar / powdered sugar and beat until smooth.

Add the remaining icing sugar and one tablespoon of the milk and beat the mixture until creamy and smooth. Beat in the remaining  milk, if necessary, to loosen.

Add the mixture to a piping bag and swirl buttercream onto cupcakes the mixture.

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