Dec 26, 2012

Vanilla Currant Twist or a Tea Cake

Vanilla Currant Twist or a Tea Cake (Recipe from ‘’ A step by step guide to Cakes, Biscuits & Slices’’ !!)

Makes:  one 26 cm cake

Please use standard measuring cup  of 250 ml capacity to measure all the ingredients


1 cup self-rising flour

½ cup plain flour

30 g unsalted butter, chopped

¼ cup caster sugar

¼ cup currants / sultanas / raisins

1 egg

2 tablespoon milk

1 ½ teaspoon  vanilla essence

1 teaspoon extra milk

Icing sugar, for decoration


Preheat oven (OTG) at 180 * C or 350 * F.

Brush a 26 x 8 x 4.5 cm bar tin with melted butter or oil. Line base and two sides with paper; grease paper.

Sift flours into large mixing bowl, add chopped butter and sugar.

Using fingertips, rub butter into flour for 2 minutes or until the mixture is a fine, crumbly texture.

Add currants, stir. Add combined egg, milk and essence to bowl, stir to form a soft, stick dough.

Turn the mixture into a lightly floured surface, knead quickly 1 minute or until smooth.

Form dough into a 50 cm long log. Fold log in half an twist.

Place twist in prepared tin, brush the surface with the extra milk. Bake for 40 minutes or until skewer comes out clean when inserted in centre. Invert twist onto wire rack to cool.

Dust the twist with sifted icing sugar just before serving.

Storage Time : This cake is best eaten on the day it is made.

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