Jan 7, 2009

Baby's growth - 1 Month

Your baby’s growth is indeed a miracle, a feat , a delightful track. Here’s a details of physical and emotional highlights , but remember that all children grow and mature at different paces , so don’t worry if your baby doesn’t exactly conform to this schedule.
Month- 1

1, In the first month , baby begins to respond to voices and movements.

2 , Her body movements become more coordinated – even if not quite like a ballerina’s.

3, Baby is also settling into a sleeping , crying , feeding pattern that will see her through the next few months.

4, Slowly , her vision is becoming fixed , through , at times , she will still squint.

5, Her neck reflexes becomes firmer. When put on her back , baby will turn her head to a proffered side.

6, She is slowly learning to tune in to some sounds and tune out most other ’ noises ‘.

7, By the end of the month , she is really smiling when the corners of her mouth turn up.

8, She stares for ages at an object , focusing , absorbing.

9, She responds well to all efforts at contact and loves to have people bend over her crib to coo and talk to her.

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