Jan 11, 2009

Baby's growth - Month 6 & 7

Month -6

1, This is creep – along - tummy month.
2, She may be able to sit for a little while without anyone holding her up.
3, She displays mood changes , protects loudly , laughs equally loudly.
4, She learns to compare two objects.
5, She acts shy when strangers try to make contact , but doesn’t cry.
6, She turns when she hears her name being called.
7, She can turn her head freely.
8, She starts to develop taste preferences.
9, She like to hold as many objects as she can.

Month – 7

1, She shows concentrated attention, is more interested in examining things.
2, She is able to say ‘ da , ma , du , do, pa ‘.
3, If you show her a picture of a baby , she seems to know what it is.
4, She begins to display the first signs of sense of humour.
5, She is able to balance her head well.
6, She crawls rather than creeps now.
7, She pushes herself up on hands and knees and rocks herself.
8, She uses her fingers to grasp objects.
9, She can hold two objects simultaneously.

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