Jan 11, 2009

Baby's growth - Month 4 & 5

Month -4

1, Now she is able to roll over from tummy to back and vice versa.
2, She will also start ‘’ swimming ‘’ in crib.
3, She can focus at different distance.
4, She is also becoming a social animal who laughs with delight and cries in anger.
5, She invents new sounds and tones, and seems delighted by them.

Month 5

1, Baby utters vowel sounds.
2, If you hold a mirror up to her , she can view herself in it.
3, She squeals , grunts, shouts.
4, She begins to resent strangers and cry in their presence.
5, She will try to move by rocking , rolling, twisting.
6, She aims well when reaching out to objects.
7, She can grasp objects , hold her bottle with one or both hands.

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