Jan 8, 2009

Baby's Growth - 2 nd and 3 rd Month

2 nd Month

1, Baby is more alert now.
2, Feeding and nap routine become established.
3, Coordination improves and , though neck muscles are still weak , she is able to lift her head for a few seconds.
4, She learns to quite herself by sucking her fists.
5, She can move her limbs in smooth , cylindrical movements.
6, Her cradle cap disappears.

3 rd Month

1, Now , baby may actually sleep through the night.
2, Her head is firm enough for her to hold it up without support.
3, She is fascinated by her extremities and tries constantly to get them into her mouth.
4, She begins to show signs of a memory and clearly awaits her feeds.
5, She can distinguish speech sounds from other sounds.
6, She can recognize family members and smiles a lot.
7, She gets on her stomach and leans on her elbows.
8, She can hold and involuntarily wave a toy.
9, Her facial expressions are clear.

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