Jan 7, 2009

Bathing Baby - A step - by - step guide

1, Wash baby’s eyes with cotton wool and water. Wipe eyes from inside to outside- using fresh cotton wool for each eye.

2, Wash baby’s face with water, wiping it with cotton swap.

3, Make sure the water in the tub is nice and warm – not too hot. Wrap baby in a towel and hold him over the tub in a secure hold- with your hand at the nape of his neck, supporting his head.

4, Wash his scalp , with a small amount of shampoo. Rinse off thoroughly and pat baby’s hair dry.

5,Clean baby’s bottom with cotton wool and water.

6, Add a few drops of baby oil to the bath water. Soap baby and place him firmly in the water. Rinse him off , paying special attention to the folds of the skin.

7, Lift him out of the water , holding him securely. Pat him dry – again taking special care of the creases and folds.

8, Clean the cord area with antiseptic liquid on cotton bud.

9 , Shake out a little baby powder onto your hands – away from the baby. Smooth the powder onto baby- using your palms.

10, Brush baby’s hair.

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