Jan 21, 2009

Baby's growth - Months 8, 9 , 10 , 11 and 12

Month 8

She begins to crawl rapidly and is brought up short only by solid objects.
She stands and leans against things.
She stands and puts one foot in front of the other.
She pushes away what she doesnt want.
She is very attached to parents , shows fear of strangers.
She shouts for attention.
She doesn’t like confinement and shows her resentment.
She can pick up objects.
She claps and waves hands.
She tastes everything – edible or not.

Month 9

She can stand holding onto objects.
She can turn around while crawling.
She can hide and find toys.
She will remember something which she saw the previous day.
She is able to follow simple instructions.
She chooses the toy she wants to play with.
She begins to evaluate people’s moods.
She performs for a delighted audience and is delighted by applause !!!.

Month 10

She can raise herself to standing position.
She walks holding on with both hands.
She sits down from standing position.
She imitates other’s action.
She picks up one word and repeats it constantly.
She can understand and obey some commands.
She opens drawers.
She enjoys playing in water.
She starts actively seeking approval from adults.
She shows signs of moods.
She fears strange places and the dark.
She sways in response to music.
She begins to learn to play hide and seek.

Month 11

She may lean over while standing.
She is able to stand on her toes.
She squats and stoops.
She enjoys simple games.
She shows guilt and responds to verbal chastisement.
She will turn pages of books , sometimes in a clump.
She is able to pick up minute objects.
She can lift lids from boxes.
She learns to connect words and meanings.
She speaks gibberish – interspersed with a few intelligible sounds.

Month 12

Now she can walk , stand and cruise.
She may climb out of her crib.
She attempts to climb up and down stairs.
She learns to play correctly with the blocks.
She prefers one hand over the other.
She resists napping , starts to throw tantrums.
She ‘’ mothers’’ her doll or teddy bear.
She can say a few words.
She identifies animals and books.

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