May 30, 2010

Jolada Roti Meals at Kamat Yatri Nivas, Bangalore

Kamath Yatrinivas in Bangalore serves several speciality meals of - South Canara and North Canara varities. One of the meals served there is Jolada Roti meals.

The main course is in the name itself - Jolada rotti which is a speciality North Karnataka bread made out of jowar (Sorghum). The name literally translates into jowar bread.

Jolada rotti is part of the staple diet of most of the districts of North Karnataka, where it is eaten with pulse curries such as Jhunka, enne gai or with assorted chutnies.

The meal is served in banana leaf and eaten with hands - as in traditional way. Unlimited numbers of hot rotis are served. One can also see the rotis being made. A dash of butter is also served for those who like to butter the rotis before eating. All the ingredients are replenished when one finishes them.

Part of the course is Mirchi(chilli) Bhajja, and a bowl of rice. For rice, the complement is sambar with a liberal sprinkling of ghee. Rasam and Dahi was also available.

After the main course, ice cream and a sweet is served and the meals ends with banana and pan-beeda.

The meals is good at least for a try.

Jolada Roti Meals available at

Kamat Yatriniwas(P) Ltd
Thimmaiah Chambers
1st Cross, Gandhinagar
Bangalore - 560009

Phone :080- 55304801/22260088

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Khaugiri said...

Hey Niya, even I love Yatri Nivas's Jolada Roti... it's too good!